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Turn the classroom into an economy

QuarterSprout takes a classroom economy and elevates it into a full economy, allowing students to learn modern financial skills and economics through a real experience.


Students are practicing skills that will help them in our modern financial system. The decisions they make have a real effect on their lives, which engages their emotions in the learning process.


Students are excited to earn money and interact in this mini economy. When implemented, it can increase student engagement and act as a behavioral management tool.


Students will learn about the importance of soft skills such as doing what you promised to do, being on time, communication, and showing up for a job, among many others.

"Kids make corporations and monopolize the class economy in short order." - Ray, 8th Grade Teacher

What Students Do
  • 1. Get paid (fake!) money
  • 2. Get a job and hire others
  • 3. Manage a savings and checking account
  • 4. Interact with other students
  • 5. Loan money
  • 6. Pay taxes
  • 7. Make purchases
What Students Learn
  • 1. Saving & budgeting
  • 2. How interest and inflation works
  • 3. How different economic systems work
  • 4. Entrepreneurship
  • 5. Investment
  • 6. Maintaining a job
  • 7. Civic responsibility
What Teachers Do
  • 1. Pay students for following class rules
  • 2. Hire students for jobs
  • 3. Maintain a class store
  • 4. Monitor movement of money
  • 5. Help students manage taxation
  • 6. Send out bills and bonuses
  • 7. Get data on students
student data charts

Get Insights Into Your Students

Teachers can watch students progress in their economic understanding and classroom engagement over the school year.

Each teacher uses it differently!

"I've appointed lawyers and judges to handle student lawsuits."

"I've started a lottery and it shows how it just makes the rich more rich."

"I have my students invest their QuarterSprout money in the stock market."

"I put whole class benefits in the store to encourage the idea of community."

"My students make businesses and file paperwork to incorporate."

"My class voted on tax rate changes throughout the year to get individual or class benefits."

Tips on how to use the features

Meet Our Team

Anna used her experiences as a middle school Science teacher to drive the first development of QuarterSprout off of spreadsheets and into software.

Mark brings years of software development experience and a dedication to well designed, well planned, and creative code.


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